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A highly-refined solvent blend offering a combination of low odor, excellent degreasing powder, and minimal residue on drying due to its high purity lotoxane provides a safer alternative to the most hazardous solvents used throughout the industry. It is not classified as flammable and controlled evaporation reduces exposure in the workplace. Lotoxane provides one solution for use on even the most sensitive metals and plastics and in the critical application and general oil and grease removal.

Different sizes are available.

Also from

Degreasing Cleaning Maintenance Products Odor Control
Supersolve as A045 Depp Clean C087 Air Duster A801 Flight Fresh A905
Aviation Workshop Wipes C842 Aircraft Cleaner 281 Aircraft Disinfectant A900

Skincare Lubricants
Print and Paint Wipres C406 Leak Detector
Wypit C504 ZX-45
TUFSTUF C506 Super Slaks A060
TEXTRA C230 Shield A056
GOLDEN ARROW C108 Column 2 Value 5

Cor-Ban™ is a line of corrosion inhibiting products specifically formulated for the demanding specifications of aviation maintenance.
Aero-Lube™ line of aircraft lubricants includes multipurpose grease, silicone, Teflon, and graphite lubricants.
Sur-Prep™ is a line of avionics and general-purpose surface preparation cleaners.
Calla® products are aircraft cleaners; over 20 different products are available for interior and exterior cleaning.

Surface Prep Cleaner Electronic & Mechanical Part Cleaners
D-5600 X-445
D-5602 X-455
D-5625 C-120

Exterior Appearance Cleaner Exterior Appearance Cleaner
C-301-A X405
C-505 X440
X-410 X200
X-400 AN-2001-P

This is only a small selection of our total product range. For the exact part number or description, please get in touch with our customer service team.


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